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Friday, July 28, 2006


This blog has been discontinued. All the posts have been transferred to my new site.

That's right, I have bought a domain: AttackTheSun.com.

That's where I'll be posting everything from now on, in addition to other things, so I shall see you there!

Adios, Blogger. It's been fun. I wish you luck in your future quests.

Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Toothbrush From Hell

I took my Oral-B CrossAction Power toothbrush ($5) and decided that the one tiny AA battery inside just wasn't enough. A few trips to RadioShack and four batteries later, I have created the "Toothbrush From Hell". This is what I spend my weekends on...

Parts include:

Oral-B Toothbrush - $5
AA Batteries (4) - $3
Switch - ~$2
Battery Holder - ~$2
Wiring - ~$cheap
Solder - ~$cheap
Rubberbands - ~$cheap

I should probably add some shrink wrap before I use it, so I don't shock the inside of my mouth when I use it.

Now I'm going to find a way to attach the brush head to my Dremel!

I'm having trouble adding a new post for some reason, so I'll edit this one...

am no longer updating this blog. I have bought a new website. So all new posts, as well as the old ones, are now there.

It's been fun, I'll miss the Blogger system, but WordPress is so sweet. I'll see you all at the new site!

Thursday, June 29, 2006

Emu != Emo

I think I triggered a memory while I was driving downtown yesterday and I feel like the most emo fucking kid on the planet because I can't get this shit outta my head. Somebody please fucking kill me...

So while I stay awake, unable to sleep, I'll blog about it.

Lately I've been trying to be productive. I've learned quite a bit of HTML/XHTML and CSS. I've also been trying to learn the basics of the GIMP I am not sure what I want to do with it, both in the short term and long term, but the first thing I want to do with it is to make a new template for this blog. It'll take a while and a bit of work, but I've already learned quite a bit, have two new books to help me out (remind me to talk about them later) and have already found out quite a bit about making Blogger templates, with their tags and such. Should have a bunch of time to work on it while driving to and from Colorado.

So on Friday (tomorrow), my mom, dad, brother, and I are driving to Colorado for the week. It's a sixteen hour drive, so I went to Borders today and bought three CD's, the two aforementioned books, my summer reading books, and the first Penny-Arcade book and the Serenity graphic novel. My next post will probably be to review everytihng I bought, but I haven't had enough time to listen to any of the CD's yet (although I finished both comics and most of one of the HTML books). More on that on a later date, probably when I return.

I'm not sure if the DSL internet is still hooked up in Colorado, so I may or may not have internet access while I am gone. Not like anyone would miss me or anything...

So tomorrow I'm trying to get mini-golf set up for a bunch of people to go (glow in the dark, fun stuff), but we'll see how that goes. And I have to babysit, go to the dentist, pack for the trip, and volunteer at Mizeracordia (sp?), so it'll be a busy day.

Like I said; more later...

Saturday, June 24, 2006

Digg.com Is DOWN!!

It appears Digg.com is down to make the long-awaited Digg 3.0 changes! The page now shows the pages the crew recommends you check out while you are waiting.

I personally second Kevin Rose's recommendation to check out AskANinja.com. It's an amazing site, one that has made me laughing to hard as to get weird looks from everyone in the house who had to come down to see what all the fuss was about. Such a funny site. Their other project, "Hope is Emo" is good, but not nearly as funny and definately not the sorta "laugh out loud" funny as ask a Ninja.

In a related story, I forgot that it was Ask a Ninja, so I typed in AskAPirate.com and it redirected me to the Ninja-riffic website I was looking for. Hintings of a spin-off? Hopefully not likely, but the option is there.

Here's hoping Digg is back soon, I can't stand having to be out of the loop for more than 15 minutes... Oh, right, Slashdot!

Back again...?

Ok, I've decided to make another post. I think I'm going to take this whole thing in a bit of a different direction. I've decided to make this thing a bit more current events/general topic oriented instead of posting about whatever-the-fuck-I-did-while-sitting-on-my-ass-today. Maybe it'll boost my readership (not a hard thing to do, considering nobody reads this) by using some busswords that get searched for on Technorati.

Web 2.0 Google, Digg, 24, Jack Bauer, CSS, AJAX, XHTML, WYSIWIG, Linux, Apple, iTunes, iPod, Origami...

Nevermind, this is stupid.

So I've been trying to learn some different stuff lately. Been getting the hang of CSS and HTML. And I spent most of today going through a bunch of tutorials for the GIMP. After all this, I really feel like trying to make a website, yet I have no ideas for what to make it about. Any suggestions are really welcome.

So we got a new home theater system the other day. It's damn sweet. 50" plasma TV, Mac Mini, 5.1 audio, the works. It's amazing. I was thinking about persuading my dad to get either a HD-DVD player or a Blu-Ray player, but I couldn't convince myself first.

The problem with this format war is... well, there are too many problems. One of them is that there isn't a huge jump between DVD and the HD formats like there was between DVD and VHS. In addition to that, how much of the market even has an HDTV that can display the better pictures? It can't be more than 10%, right? There isn't a huge market yet, and even the market that it appeals to is holding out. The consumer has gotten smarter. After so many people lost out with Betamax, they don't want to waste $500+ buying a format that won't be around in a year. This is seeming very much like the war between DVD Audio and SACD. If one of the format's doesn't win, neither will. The competition will drive both formats into the ground over politics and feelings of superiority by both Sony and Toshiba/Microsoft/whoever else is behind HD-DVD.

Well, I have to wake up in 7 hours for some stupid readon, so I'm off to not fall asleep. More on this later...

Monday, March 06, 2006

The Sonic Adventure: Day 4

What the hell? Day four!? What happened to days 1, 2, and/or 3?

I'll tell you what happened to days 1, 2, and/or 3. I didn't make a post then.

On Friday, after being fucking exhausted from running, doing pushups and jumping at lacrosse conditioning practice, I was hanging out with T.C. We decided to go over to Madda's (and not break in this time). We went over and Vince came over. The discussion turned to my Sonic rant.

Basically, I am pissed off because I always see Sonic Drive-In commercials on TV and... THERE ARE NO FUCKING SONIC DRIVE-IN'S ANYWHERE FUCKING NEAR HERE. **Cough** Sorry about that. It pisses me off so goddamned much. It's the coolest place, yet they do not exist in the Chicagoland area. I've had it 5 or 6 times (mostly in Kansas City) and I want it again. It's been a few years.

So I pulled up the Sonic website and searched for locations by distance to my house. Started with a 50 mile radius: Nothing.

100 Miles: Nothing.

200 Miles: About 5 locations, the closest in Champaign, IL. 118 miles away.

So we talked it over, and we decided we'd go one weekend before lacrosse games started. I also had the idea of documenting it (maybe a movie) and sending it to Sonic, to show them how dedicated we are, and that they should build a location next to each of our houses. T.C., Vince, and I are all in for sure. Great!

Then Saturday, Allison came home. She is going to U of I next weekend for "unnoficial St. Patrick's Day". Perfect opportunity. I talked it over and we're all in for it. It's going to fucking rock. I'm planning it now on Google Earth and going over the menu on the Sonic website. I'm so fucking pumped for this. It's going to rock so hard.

Right now the plan is to leave early Saturday morning (8 or so) and drive down, come home late that night. Needs a little more work, but we're just about set. Some more people have expressed interest, so we'll see who ends up coming.

So, other than that, lacrosse started this week. It's alright. I'm so goddamn out of shape, but getting better. Could be a nice season. We'll see. Might be my last season, though. I'll have to make that decision later.

And I tried out for the musical. I was never one to break a promise.

So I'm also hoping that this post bumps that last one a bit down the page, hopefully past the fold line. **Fingers crossed** That might explain the frequent line breaks and double spacing.

Saturday, November 26, 2005


Damn, drink, first time.

SO all I really wanna dsAY to ... Amanda... SOrry. I fucke upd . Gooodnihght.

Monday, October 31, 2005

Movin' up!

So, it looks like Murphy just moved up 14 spots on my list. Which is odd, because I thought there were only like 6 people above him before... Hmm......

Ok, back to sleep, then calculus homework (yeah, right).

Sunday, October 30, 2005

I hate Microsoft

Murphy wants me to update, but tonight I have a shitload to do for Theology. So the longer it takes, the better the chance I'll post tonight. Trust me, it makes sense.

But a preview of things to come: My hatred of Microsoft has grown exponentially over the past 24 hours.

Edit: Ok, here we go...

So I have nothing better to do in my life than to mess with my computer. I'm pretty sure it has become my life, actually. So about a month ago, my computer was acting all weird. I back up everything, then reformat it. No big deal...

So then I go to reinstall Windows. I put in the PowerSpec recovery CD (came with the computer) and it does not work. I have changed so much of the hardware since I got the computer (the only original parts left are the CPU and RAM) that it thinks it's not the same machine anymore. So that pisses me off. I put in the Dell recovery CD that came with another computer, and it works. Don't ask why, but it did. So I install Windows using that, and everything seems fine. Only problem is that there's a little box that says I have 30 days to activate Windows. I type in my product key, that came with the computer, and it rejects it. Not the same hardware. So I ignore it for a while, then call up Microsoft. The number connects me to a machine, who I tell some number to. That does not work for some reason, saying it's "not valid" or some shit like that.

So then today I go out and get Battlefield 2. Supposed to be a good game. I install it, then I restart Windows. After it boots, I try and log in. I can't. The damn machine has locked me out, saying that I can't log in untill I activate Windows. So I call the same number, same thing. I call 1-800-Microsoft and they send me to Dell. The guy at Dell sends me to the other part of Dell. They are closed on Sundays. So then I call PowerSpec. Once again, closed on Sundays. So basically I have a sweet computer that is nothing more than an expensive paperweight because Microsoft decides to add this whole "Product Activation" thing to their software.

Which brings me to my next point: What is the point?

Microsoft tells us that it is to proctect us from piracy. This makes no sense at all. Please explain that to me. You can't. The only one who benefits from activation is Microsoft. It's a major pain in the ass, hundreds of people end up with problems like me, and nobody benefits. I'm sure that Microsoft has lost money on this, too. With this, they may have fewer instances of piracy, but they lose the same amount of money (most likely more) by having to have tech support for all those people having trouble with activation.

I'm not going to go into depth with this, because plenty of other people already have. Just google it, and I'm sure that hundreds of papers have been written on why product activation sucks.

So, back to kicking ass on my Ubuntu Linux box, bitch.

Friday, October 21, 2005

Been a short while...

But I'm still not making a long post. Too bad, but I don't think anyone cares anymore (or ever did in the first place).

So basically what I've been up to lately is: nothing.

Been wondering how I fucked up, and how badly. And, more importantly, if I can ever fix things again.

So back to me being me. Tomorrow: going shooting. Should be fun, then taking the hunter's safety test. Then hopefully seeing (and bitching out) the DOOM movie.

Thursday, October 13, 2005

Fuckin RAWK, dude!

God that was awezome. One of the two best concerts I've ever been to (lol, I've on;y been to two, joke's on you, bitch!). But seriously, it was the best concert I've ever been to (although Guster/John Mayer wasn't horrible, I have to admit). It was just Bruce up there playing. No band, no drums, just him. He switched between a few different guitars, a harmonica, and some different keyboard instruments. It was a great concert. Kinda different, but it was excellent. I loved it. And the food was good, too.

I laughed, I cried. It was a fun time all around. I didn't know Bruce had such a sense of humor. He was pretty funny, although he really never stopped playing to talk that much. It was basically non-stop playing for two hours. It was great.

Some weird rules for a concert, though. Probably the strictest concert I've ever seen. Like no entering or leaving while he was playing (which was the whole show), no concession stands open after 10 minutes before the show starts, some weird stuff like that. Although that last one wasn't a problem, as we were in my dad's company's skybox, so the food was all there, and the dessert cart came to us. Great food, by the way.

But that's about it....

I rate the concert a....



Wednesday, October 12, 2005


Who wants to go to the concert tomorrow with me?

That's right. NOBODY. FUCK YEAH! IT's Gonna fucking rawk tomorrow. My mom's all like "we got relatives coming in, so I can't go" and I'm all like "FUCK YEAH, TAKING YOUR TICKET, RIGHT NOW".

Holy fuckin shit it's gonna rawk. Need to touch up on their music, but that's ok.

FUCK YEAH! Could be a sweet-ass week for me... see how the weekend goes, I guess :-P


P.S. This is the worst post I will ever make. The grammar and spelling is like "VOMIT!!!", but I just took the PSAT and don't want to see any more grammar for the rest of my fucking life.

Tuesday, October 11, 2005


Wow, that was one of the best fucking weekends I've had in a long while. From randomly driving around (yeah, did a lot of that) to seartching where we ould get slingshots without being carded to searching for other things without being carded to just hanging out and beyond, what a fucking great weekend. I might post more at a later date, but I look like shit right now and am sorta tired...

Monday, October 10, 2005

Homecoming my ass....

So tonight was fun. I honestly don't dind not going to the dance. I didn't have any fun last time I went, so I'm sorta glad I didn't go this year I guess.

So I hung out with TC tonight instead. It was fun. Just hanging out, really. Watching TV or a movie or something. I glued my fingers together with this super crazy glue stuff. It sucked.

It was so funny, we were sitting outside his cousin's house, bored as hell. So the people across the street started looking at us from their 2nd story apartment. I mentioned something about them selling crack to babies. So we started going on and on for like 20 minutes about how the people across the street deal crack to babies. And the babies are all addicted and stuff, and they force them into manual labor and stuff. It was so damned funny...

So that's about it... Back to thinking/planning/plotting/questioning/pondering/etc.

Hope everyone else had fun tonight!

Saturday, October 08, 2005


I honestly don't know who still reads this.... I know that anony 2 (?) says that heread it a few
weeks ago, so that's somebody at least.

So today I just cleaned out the attic. Got battery acid all over my hand. That was fun. Found some old hardware and cables. Could come in handy some day. If anyone wants a cable to hook up an MP3 player or something like that (anything with a headphone jack) to a stereo (anything with an RCA (red/white round plugs) input) just ask me. I have three of those now, and I only need one.

So this weekend... looks like Im doing nothing. Could be fun. Might go see a movie or two. Dont really care if anyone wants to join me or not. Feel free to. I won't mind. I definately want to see "Serenity" or whatever it's called. Looks good. Saw the first 9 minutes online. Looks intereting. Then I might also see "Proof" becuase I've heard so much about it and now I got my curiosity involved. So if any of you math freaks want to join me... feel free. But I guess nobody can come Sunday night...

So then today I drove around for a few hours. Ifirst went to Tweeter, where I got info on a possible way to hook up my Nomad to my car stereo with better quality than the FM tuner or tape deck. Then I went to Best Buy, where I got the Family Guy movie (just watched it, funny stuff). Then I went to Coconuts, where I got "Dial-A-Song: 20 Years of They Might Be Giants", a 2-disc, 52 song set. Cool stuff. Then I went to this little A/V store on Ogden, where they told me of a better way to hook up the MP3 player to the car, but they're not sure if they can get the part. They said they'd call Monday or Tuesday.

So then I came home, watched the movie, went to mass, and ate dinner and listened to that CD. It's good stuff.

So once again, have fun this weekend. Have a kick-ass time and all that.

Back to my plotting...